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About Jarvis

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” –John Muir

Through the photographic medium, Eric Jarvis strives to capture the timeless, enduring, and often elusive soul of our planet. He seeks to crystallize his vision in the photographic print, not only for himself, but for others to enjoy. Through his passion for knowledge, for photography, and for exploration, he’s able to harness a level of artistic purity which only those driven to experience life to the fullest can achieve. From a morning dewdrop on a blade of grass to a sunset panorama across the Grand Canyon, Eric finds inspiration in all of nature’s joys and mysteries.

Whether he is among the ruins of ancient temples at Angkor or at home in Lake Tahoe, Eric’s commitment to preserving the treasures he finds is unwavering.

“As a photographic artist, I have both opportunities and obligations. The opportunity is to explore at will; the challenge is to present the beautiful and the pristine so as to promote their conservation and preservation.” –Eric Jarvis